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Our highly scalable Message Broker SWITCH can distribute incoming

messages to users or applications, enable unified messaging of Type B via

your default e-mail client. The EDIfly API KIT enables your IT to perform

format or content modifications of outgoing and incoming messages. EDIfly

can be implemented within 24 hours in most enviroments, e.g. virtual

machines of your preferred operating system (Windows XP, Linux etc.).


Sign up for your free trial! Your legacy provider for IATA messaging may offer

you 30 % discount over 5 years. With EDIfly you achieve 75 % savings within

15 months!

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The EDIfly Suite offers you different modules to manage mission critical IATA aviation messaging and transmit them for free. The

module EDIfly DIRECT allows you to structure your bilateral

exchanges better and reduce costly dedicated infrastructure

connecting you automatically to a global community using Type B,

Type X, EDIFACT, XML. In production since 2011 with leading


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