Your Mission, our Vision

Innovative Software’s EDIfly provides a sleek and high-performance platform

to bring Messaging and Message Switching 2.0 to process communication:

In aviation, rail, logistics etc. A fully backwards-compatible concept enables you

to gradually cut-over mission-critical processes without a ‚big-bang’ scenario

of changing everything in ‚one logical second’.


To create a significant user community we enable interested companies to

have a free trial. Our application is ‚road-tested’ since 2011!


EDIfly serves as bridge technology from Type B to Type X, XML and EDIFACT.

We encourage technology providers to deploy our Message Broker for the benefit of their user community and offer interesting partnerships.


PAD.DOCS – Controlled Documents on the Move:

Document Management for your teams to ‚mobilize’ Handling Manuals.

A central editing platform in HTML5 allows the management of Wiki-Style

documents that will be automatically replicated to the Android or IOS

devices of your users, when they are in the range of an accessible network –

the world over. Automatically expire documents and make sure your teams

always work on the current versions. Already in use by thousands of staff.

EDIfly Management-Team:

The founder and CTO of Innovative Software SARL, encryption

specialist Anders Dam Jensen, and architect of the innovative

EDIFly suite was driven by the desire to bring more security,

reliability and a more logical charging model to managing data

exchanges than archaic tariff structures that reflect the era of

Teletype communication.


The Company:


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