Why EDIfly!

The ground-breaking EDIfly service enables you to standardize and secure

electronic data interchanges for a wide range of protocols. Unnoticed by

the users of corporate applications while fully transparent for the operators

in your data center. All out-going Type B or Type X messages to other

EDIfly users are encrypted and digitally signed before they are transmitted directly to your business partners. Unlike FTP or other proprietary services,

you can fully track, if and when the data has reached the recipient. Any

new subscriber to EDIfly will automatically be connected to the entire

community based on their existing 7-Character addresses, e.g. LUXFFXH.


Avoid the risk of a ‘big-bang’ cutover by gradually starting to communicate

with your most active communication partners. No cumbersome

negotiations on security policies or 24/7 link monitoring. EDIfly only

establishes a link, when there is traffic.


Save up to 75 % on existing Type B/Type X/EDIFACT transmissions & data

management cost. Proven with pioneers in the business the world over.

Manage the transition from Type B to XML/TYPE X; EDIfly handles future

XML-Standards today.


How does your company benefit from EDIfly:

» Airlines

» Logistic Companies

» Ground Handling Agents

» Other Companies

» Immigration (APIS)

» Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

» General Sales & Service Agents (Cargo)

Install once, communicate with anyone:

Fully encrypted and digitally signed!

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» Customs Authorities (e-freight/ICS)


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